Sanaya Limitless Tower

Jahn, Chicago/USA

Planning time:
2008 – 2009

Construction time:
not specified

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
structural engineering (concept design, schematic design, design development)

Limitless, Dubai/UAE

Jahn, Chicago/USA

The project consists of two very slender, high-rise buildings,both of which are 223 m high. Based on a rectangular floor plan the buildings are slightly inclined in a lengthwise direction. A sufficiently long concrete wall is mainly responsible for providing longitudinal stiffening. To increase transverse rigidity the cores of the liftwells and staircases of both buildings are coupled with one another by means of four, prestressed concrete stiffening cross-members arranged in pairs. The highly load-bearing ground has allowed both tower buildings to be built on a joint bottom slab. A special feature is a glass-bottomed swimming pool located at a height of 100 m on a connecting level between both buildings.