Murphy/Jahn, Chicago/USA

Planning phase
2008 − 2009

Construction time
Not specified

Services by Werner Sobek
Initial clarification of planning brief and concept drawing for the structural planning (WP 1 − 2 acc. to HOAI)

Murphy/Jahn, Chicago/USA

JAHN, Chicago/USA

Including the antenna the central tower of a new high-rise city in the Al-Khaimah Emirate reaches 875 m high into the sky. The load-bearing structure consists of an exterior, conically shaped net made of steel profiles that is joined to a central steel tube. The conical shape of the outer shell is structured like the thread of a screw by a recess in the facade winding its way up the building. Every 25 m the floor disks are formed to a rigid transverse bulkhead to improve the torsional rigidity of the building. As a further distinguishing feature the building has also been designed with generously dimensioned column-free sky gardens on four levels. The loads of the columns above the respective garden are distributed by means of diagonal supports to the internal tube and the external shell.