Munich Expo

Bystrup, Bregenhoj & Partner, Copenhagen/Denmark

Planning time:
1992 – 1996

Construction time:
1995 – 1998

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
structural engineering of roofs

Messe München GmbH/Germany

OPB München
Stefan Müller-Naumann, München/Germany

The buildings of Neue Messe München comprise among others twelve exhibition halls of identical plan dimensions of 154.7 m x 74.0 m. Foundations and walls including all access gateways are constructed in reinforced concrete. The roofs of the halls are a fabricated steel structure designed by Werner Sobek Stuttgart. The roof covering consists of a lightweight sheet metal sandwich structure comprising longitudinal acoustic trapezoid-section steel panels with applied heat insulating material; the upper surface of the roof sandwich consists of aluminum sheet.