R128 Shaders

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

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Services rendered by Werner Sobek
design, object planning and structural engineering

Ursula & Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

The evolution of the shaders designed for the terrace of the R 128 house is based on the development of a parasol which even in strong wind does not require to be folded and dismantled. Each shader consists of a stainless steel column, four spokes and a membrane impervious to water. A specially designed anti-lift-off device connects the shader column with the cross-shaped base below the level of the terrace gratings and secures the parasol against lift-off. All stainless steel components of the shader structure have a bead-blasted surface finish. The dismantling and storing of the shaders requires only minimal effort as only pinned and bolted connections are used. Compared with commercial parasols, the shaders require only half the number of spokes and are able to withstand four times conventional wind speeds even up to storm force.