Victor Toyka Bridge

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time:
2000 — 2004

Construction time:
2004 — 2006

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
design, object planning and structural engineering

City of Dortmund/Germany

Petra Böttcher, Herdecke/Germany

The pedestrian bridges in Dortmund are a further example of elegant and clear traffic construction works. The bridges cross two multi-lane traffic routes (in a prominent urban position) and are 432 m and 296 m long respectively. They are elegantly curved and branch out at one point. The elegant forms, in combination with unusual support structure concepts, create the distinctive appearance that the builder wished to achieve. The main parts of both bridges are wrought in steel. The subordinate bays, including the slim piers which are placed close together to support the bridge construction, are made of concrete. So as not to interrupt the harmonious appearance of the bridges with lamp posts, a lighting concept was developed involving the integration of LEDs into the hand rail.