Emil Schumacher Museum

Lindemann Architekten, Mannheim/Germany

Planning time:
2000 — 2006

Completion time:
2006 — 2009

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
structural and facade engineering

City of Hagen/Germany

Werner J. Hannappel, Essen/Germany

The exhibition rooms of the Emil Schumacher Museum are situated in an exhibition cube encased in glass shell. This external envelope separates the interior of the building from the outside world in both a climatic and psychological sense. The space between the exhibition box and the glass envelope is utilised for universal access. This is where the main staircase is located with unrestricted views of the museum square. The inner cube is made of a steel-reinforced, thermo-activated concrete. The primary roof construction consists of 14 trussed beams made of rectangular hollow sections that extend above the reinforced concrete core. The structure bearing the cable-truss facade is affixed to the ends of the trussed beams.