Bremen University

Jan Störmer, Hamburg/Germany

Planning time:
1997 — 2000

Construction time:
1998 — 2000

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
structural engineering of loadbearing structure, facades and special structures

Senator für Bildung und Wissenschaft, Kunst und Sport der Hansestadt Bremen/Germany

Andreas Keller, Altdorf/Germany

The central foyer of Bremen University has been roofed with a filigree-like steel/glass structure. All four elevations and the entire roof area of the entrance hall are glazed. The hall is 15 m high and has plan dimensions of 22 m by 43.5 m. The roof support structure is carried by 6 vee-supports in the foyer area and a further six supports on the existing building. The elevations of the hall feature 39 vertical and equally spaced steel cables running between the edge of the roof and ground level; these are the only primary load-bearing elements of the façade. This façade, which is solely formed by vertically tensioned cables, is the first of its type.