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World’s largest school in modular wooden construction

The world’s largest school in modular wooden construction is located in Frankfurt Westend in Miquelal-lee. Only 24 months lay between planning and realization.This was achieved through modular timber construction from around 350 prefabricated elements according to the design of the architects von Ger-kan, Marg und Partner (gmp). The school building causes only a quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions of a comparable solid construction. The consumption values of the current energy saving regulations are also undercut by 30 percent. Its provisional use is planned for five to ten years and also includes modu-lar dismantling and rebuilding at another location. The grammar school, which has space for 2,000 stu-dents, is grouped together in a three-storey building structure that encloses two internal, landscaped playgrounds. All classrooms are oriented towards the quiet sides of the courtyards, which form the spa-tial center of the schools. Werner Sobek is responsible for the structural design and building physics.