Имя «Вернер Зобек» является синонимом инженерного искусства, высокотехнологичного и экологически устойчивого проектирования во всем мире.

Dock 10
Dock 10 is a floating dock located in the heart of Hamburg, opposite  ...more
Национальный музей Катара
Проект Национального музея Катара, выполненный   ...more
The Lakhta Centre
The highest building in Europe is an 87-story skyscraper built in   ...more
Alster Gate Hamburg
A new high-rise office building is being constructed in Hamburg  ...more
The Biobank
The British daily newspaper "The Guardian" is just one of many publications  ...more
A uniquely sustainable hospital
The Waldkliniken (“Forest Hospital Clinics”) in the East Thuringian town of Eisenberg, Germany  ...more
SFIC Shanghai Three towers for Shanghai
The SIFC (Shanghai International Financial Center) is a high-rise ensemble in Shanghai  ...more
Podcast Zukunft Bauen Werner Sobek Podcast
Our podcast "Building the future" goes online  ...more
Future spaces for living
Urbanization is proceeding rapidly worldwide. By 2050, two out of three people will live in cities.  ...more
"Quartier am Oberwiesenhof"
We are pleased with the successful outcome of the architectural competition for the  ...more
Climate-adapted building
The built environment faces ever increasing demands in times of climate change  ...more
Mixed Reality Solutions
The research project DigitalTWIN develops concepts for improving quality processes   ...more