General Planning

Werner Sobek not only designs and engineers highly sophisticated structures and facades. Our services equally include general planning, i.e. the combined provision of all kinds of consultancy services necessary for achieving a highly functional, fully sustainable and aesthetically pleasing building. In doing this we follow our projects from the very first sketches to detailed planning and shop drawings right up to quality assurance and building supervision at the construction site. Our general planning includes object design, structural engineering, facade engineering, life-cycle engineering, climate engineering, HVAC, etc. In doing so we always take a holistic approach, be it with regard to

an individual building, its interior or the surrounding urban cityscape. Economic, ecological and functional aspects are treated on an equal basis. Lifecycle considerations are an integral part of our thinking: We do not only take care of how to design and to engineer your building – we also think of the construction process as well as maintenance, refurbishment, and – finally – dismantling.
Interdisciplinarity is an important precondition for our approach to a new project. Architects, engineers, and specialists from a broad field of studies cooperate from the very beginning in order to guarantee the integral planning that is such an important ingredient in successfully developing, designing and realising a project.

Projects in which Werner Sobek takes responsibility for general planning include:

–  Office buildings
–  Residential buildings
–  Educational facilities
–  Museums
–  Stadia