Through participation on numerous projects Werner Sobek Design has shaped the form and function of various buildings. The studio has delivered complete designs for products such as chairs or cable end fittings just as it did for highrise buildings, trade fairs, stadia, residential buildings, temporary structures or urban objects. A common feature in all these designs is their high formal quality, the shaping, right down to the smallest detail, and the high level of functionality. Everything that is superfluous is omitted. Where possible, strategies of standardization and pre-assembly of elements are applied, which guarantee high levels of

cost-effectiveness and high quality. Form, function and structure thus converge to form a perfect unit. Achieving harmony between function, materials, form, and design of all building components is one of the greatest goals of architecture. This is possible only if the boundaries between architect and engineer are dissolved. This requires the architect to have an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of the supporting structure – and the engineer to have a deep understanding of the architectural intention. It requires cross-disciplinary skills and interdisciplinary ability.

Werner Sobek Design develops designs built according to formal quality,constructive logic, lightness, and transparency. But the studio does not only emphasize on design of particular elements, it adapts them to fit harmoniously into the overall context. For Werner Sobek Design, the designing process involves a reduction to the quintessential, at all times testing the limits of what is formally, physically and technically feasible. Minimized designs with high grade of complexity and an extremely high degree of formal quality are the result of this approach.