Hanoi Ministry

gmp, Hamburg/Germany

Planning time:

Construction time:
2007 – 2010

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
facade engineering

Ministry of Public and Security, Hanoi/Vietnam

Marcus Bredt, Berlin/Germany

The ground plan figure of the central complex is formed by two comb-shaped eight-storey blocks arranged along a central axis. Transverse to this central axis is an elevated block resting on the longitudinal blocks and joining them together, so as to mark the obvious entrance to the whole ministerial complex. As a result of the combshape of the office levels, there is an excellent intermeshing of open space and buildings, with a small, semi-open interior courtyard in each recess. The office areas are oriented in part towards small patio-like landscape islands. In order to best adapt the building envelope to the various office situations, the façade is made up of 15 different types of façade elements.