Mannheimer II

JAHN, Chicago/USA

Planning time:
1999 – 2002

Construction time:
2002 – 2004

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
structural engineering, facade engineering

Mannheimer Holding AG, Mannheim/Germany

Roland Halbe, Stuttgart/Germany

The extension of the old headquarters of the Mannheimer Insurance Company cantilevers above the lower part of the existing building. The floor slabs are a ribbed floor in reinforced concrete that span up to 7 m. In the office areas the ceiling is excavated using a special curved formwork. Horizontal stiffening is taken over by the concrete cores and the walls. Nearly all concrete surfaces are visible and have therefore been executed in an extremely high surface quality. The composite columns are very slim. The cantilevering part of the building has a free span of 25 m and is three storeyshigh. It is supported by two trussed beams made in steel which are integrated into the facade. The whole building restson a two-storey underground car park.