DC Tower 1

Dominique Perrault, Paris/France &
Hoffmann-Janz Architekten, Vienna/Austria

Planning time:
2006 – 2010

Construction time:
2010 – 2013

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
structural engineering
facade engineering

WED Wiener Entwicklungsgesellschaft für den Donauraum AG, Vienna/Austria

beyer.co.at, Vienna/Austria
Franz Ebner, Vienna/Austria

Together with the Viennese architects office Hoffmann & Janz the French architect Dominique Perrault designed an ensemble comprising two high-rise buildings beside the Donau at the very heart of the new Viennese Business District. The first tower reaches a height of 220 m, the second tower (that still has to be built) will measure 168 m. The roof area of the tower is inclined by approx. 7°. It is built on top of an underground structure serving as a car park.