Cité du design

LIN Finn Geipel Giulia Andi, Berlin/Germany & Paris/France

Planning time:
2004 – 2005

Construction time:
2005 – 2009

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
structural engineering, facade engineering

Métropole de St. Etienne/France

Jan-Oliver Kunze, Berlin/Germany

The Cité du design is located on the site of a former weapons factory in St. Etienne/France. It consists on the one hand of existing buildings which will be renovated and restructured for their new purpose; on the other hand the Cité is made up of a huge building envelope, the so-called “platine” (circuit board). It has a three-dimensional surface which can act as an adaptive building envelope. It can thus adapt to changing requirements in the interior (e.g. by a change in the transmissivity of light), and it also acts as a solar power plant capable of generating a major amount of its own energy supply.