Trump Tower

WS Atkins, Dubai/UAE

Planning time:
2006 – 2008

Construction time:
not specified

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
facade engineering

Nakheel, Dubai/UAE & Trump Holding, NY/USA

The Trump International Hotel and Tower is to be located at the centre of The Palm Jumeirah, a man made island off the west coast of Dubai. The project consists of two Towers of hotel guest rooms, apartments and offices. They are integrated with a monorail routed through the middle of the Towers, a canal water way and a podium car park. The Towers have 47 storeys and 60 storeys each with heights of 195 m and 255 m respectively. The groundplan of the Towers is elliptical in shape, having maximum dimensions of 63 x 22 m for the tall tower and 73 x 23 m for the shorter tower.