Garage Museum

OMA, Rotterdam/The Netherlands

Planning time:
2013 – 2014

Construction time:
2013 – 2015

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
Facade engineering
MEP engineering
Thermal simulation

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture/Iris Foundation

The new Garage Museum is part of a relocation project of a Contemporary Culture Area from the north of Moscow to one of the most attractive public spaces in downtown. The former Vremena Goda (Seasons of the Year) restaurant will be converted into an art gallery. OMA‘s design for the 5,400 m2 building includes exhibition galleries on two levels, a creative center for children, shop, café, auditorium and offices. The design preserves original Soviet era elements – including a large mosaic, tiles, and brick – while incorporating a range of innovative architectural and curatorial devices. Werner Sobek’s engineering comprises the design of a double skin façade made out of polycarbonate units at the outside and inside. The cavity of the double skin façade is pre-conditioned to guarantee climate conditions suitable for art galleries.