Design Tower

blauraum Architekten Hamburg

Planning time
2015 – 2017

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering (SPH 1 – 4)
Fire protection planning (SPH 1 -4)

P + B Tower 29 GmbH & Co. KG, Sankt Augustin/Germany

bloomimages, Hamburg/Germany

This design is for a proposed development in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, that covers an area of 44.5 x 43 m and stands at an overall height of 100 m. Its main residential function is supplemented with parking spaces, ancillary rooms and areas for commercial use. A number of apartments are arranged within a 30-storey residential tower with a generously proportioned foyer. The Design Suites opposite present an 8-storey counterpart to this main tower. An open parking garage with a split-level design sits beneath the development, stretching up from the 1st basement level to the 3rd overground floor.

The main tower is braced by the service cores, which consist of the staircase, the elevator shafts and the corridor walls in each individual storey. To increase rigidity, the corridor wall is connected to the service cores via a floor slab with a thickness of 40 cm. The corridor wall is replaced by supports in the foyer area to give the tower a liberal amount of circulation space.