Werner Sobek Stuttgart

Dr.-Ing. Steffen Feirabend


since 2017
Professor for Digital Design and Construction at the HFT, Stuttgart/Germany

since 2014
Principal at Werner Sobek Stuttgart

2012 – 2016
Lecturer at the University of Stuttgart

2012 – 2014
Head of steel glass projects at seele GmbH, Gersthofen/Germany

PhD in Structural Engineering

since 2007
Representative in DIN-code comission for design of glass structures

2007 – 2012
Project manager at Werner Sobek Stuttgart

2002 – 2007
Research Assistant at the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual
Design (ILEK) Stuttgart/Germany

2000 – 2007
Project engineer at Werner Sobek Stuttgart

1993 – 1999
Studied Civil Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and University
of Calgary/Canada

Born in Stuttgart/Germany