Werner Sobek stands throughout the world for engineering, design, and sustainability.

MHE Brussels
In May 2017, the European Parliament opened the ‚House of   ...more
Futurium Berlin
The Futurium (formerly “House of the Future”) is to be found  ...more
Kinetic Light Sculpture
Stuttgart artist rosalie installed a light sculpture  ...more
wasl Tower
The new wasl Tower creates a new landmark in Dubai. The   ...more
Happy Birthday, Werner Sobek! Happy Birthday, Werner Sobek!
This autumn our company can look back upon 25 years of continuous growth and many successful  ...more
NEST Unit Installed NEST Unit Installed
One working day, two cranes and a well attuned team: on 21 November 2017, the woodworkers   ...more
Engineering Yearbook 2018 Engineering Yearbook 2018
Germany's Federal Chamber of Engineers has published its new edition of the Engineering   ...more
Join our team! Join our team!
We recruit - among others - structural engineers who are interested in working in an interdisciplinary  ...more
Delegation to Middle East
"The Art of Civil Engineering and Architecture" is the title of a brochure presenting the programme   ...more
Our Commitment for Tomorrow
Sustainability is a key issue of our work. We consider this to cover social affairs as well. Werner Sobek   ...more
Dawns that have not yet broken...
To honor the 70th birthday of philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, the ZKM in Karlsruhe held a three-day  ...more
One to One. The Talk
Experiences and insights, dramatic experiences and great success: biographical intervies with  ...more
Architekt (m/w)
Bearbeitung anspruchsvoller internationaler Projekte in allen Leistungsphasen  ...more
Techniker Versorgungstechnik (m/w)
Planung und Ausschreibung versorgungstechnischer Anlagen  ...more
Empfang und Betreuung von Kunden, Besuchern, Lieferanten und Koordination von Terminen   ...more