Werner Sobek stands throughout the world for engineering, design, and sustainability.

Flame Towers
Baku Flame Towers is a striking new addition to the skyline  ...more
Interface Design B10
Aktivhaus B10 networks the electric vehicles and the building  ...more
Kinetic Light Sculpture
Stuttgart artist rosalie installed a light sculpture  ...more
What a view: Orlando Eye
Standing at a height of 120 metres, the Orlando Eye is the largest  ...more
Architecture Award Concrete Architecture Award Concrete
The extension of the Sprengel Musem has just been awarded the prestigious "Architecture Award  ...more
Timber Award 2017 Timber Award 2017
Werner Sobek’s modular system of a sustainble timber house has been awarded the German   ...more
Join our team! Join our team!
We recruit - among others - structural engineers who are interested in working in an interdisciplinary  ...more
Sustainability in the Urban Grid Sustainability in the Urban Grid
Together with the State Agency for Lightweight Construction BW and the SFB 1244, Werner Sobek  ...more
Rethinking tomorrow
At the opening of Aktivhaus B10 in Stuttgart, Prof. Werner Sobek gave an interview  ...more
Our Commitment for Tomorrow
Sustainability is a key issue of our work. We consider this to cover social affairs as well. Werner Sobek   ...more
Dawns that have not yet broken...
To honor the 70th birthday of philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, the ZKM in Karlsruhe held a three-day  ...more
One to One. The Talk
Experiences and insights, dramatic experiences and great success: biographical intervies with  ...more
Architekt/Bauzeichner (m/w)
Ihre Aufgaben sind die Bearbeitung innovativer Projekte in den Leistungsphasen 1–5, die  ...more
Konstrukteure (m/w)
Erstellen von Schal- und Bewehrungsplänen sowie von Konstruktionszeichnungen   ...more
3D Artist (m/w)
Hochwertige 3D Visualisierungen im Bereich Architektur und Engineering  ...more
Ingenieur Gebäudetechnik (m/w)
Erarbeiten von ressourcenschonenden und nachhaltigen Gebäudekonzepten  ...more