Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Berlin/Germany

Planning time:
2010 – 2013

Construction time:
2012 – 2014

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
Sustainability consultancy (sustainable building concepts, energy concept, life cycle assessment, daylight simulation, PV integration, BNB certification)
Structural engineering
Special structures

Federal Office for Real Estate Management,Berlin/Germany

Bernadette Grimmenstein, Hamburg/Germany

The new office of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) explores the urban, economic, and ecologic development potential. As a result it will form the basis for a sustainable development of the total site/land. Main items of the sustainable concept for the building, which is also a landmark for sustainable construction, are the activation of the facades, the diversity of outdoor use, the cooling through water, and the creation of various gardens.