Grenzen (er) leben

Atelier Brückner, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time
2001 – 2002

Construction time

Services rendered by Werner Sobek
structural and facade engineering

Interkantonale Trägerschaft „Grenzen (er)leben“/Switzerland

The two-storey pavilion stood on a platform in the Lake of Bienne. The visitors of the exhibition were to experience anew borderlines, also those of rooms. This design intention was to be visible in the load-bearing structure. The 84 stakes on which the upper part of the pavilion – the art room – rested at a height of 4 m was to be a fluid border between inside and outside. For the art room a new skin was developed that has all the advantages of a technical textile, i.e. high load-carrying capacity and resistiveness against sun, rain and heat. The newly developed composite textile is on the one side transparent, on the other reflective