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Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany


Planning time:
1998 - 1999


Construction time:
1999 - 2000


Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
design, object planning, and structural engineering of loadbearing structure and facades


Ursula and Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany 

Roland Halbe, Stuttgart/Germany
Josef Schulz, Stuttgart/Germany

Four-storey building which is completely recyclable, produces no emissions and is self-sufficient in terms of heating energy requirement. The completely glazed building has high quality triple glazing panels featuring a k-value of 0.4. Its design is modular.


Because of its assembly by means of mortice-and-tenon joints and bolted joints, it cannot only be assembled and dismantled easily but is also completely recyclable. The electrical energy required for the energy concept and control engineering is produced by solar cells.