ThyssenKrupp Headquarter

Chaix & Morel et Associés, Paris/France &
JSWD Architekten und Partner, Cologne/Germany

Planning time:
2006 – 2008

Construction time:
2007 – 2010

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
structural engineering of special structures and facades

ThyssenKrupp AG, Essen/Germany

Christian Richters, Münster/Germany


ThyssenKrupp AG is planning and constructing the ThyssenKrupp Quarter in inner-city Essen with an area spanning 20 hectares. The Quarter, planned to accommodate 2,500 employees, includes the new ThyssenKrupp Headquarters as well as further corporate office and administrative buildings Furthermore, the quarter includes a multifunctional building with a conference center and a canteen as well as the ThyssenKrupp Academy and a hotel with a GFA of approximately 100,000 m².