Exhibition Center Xi’an

gmp, Hamburg/Germany

Planning time:

Construction time:
2006 – 2007 (Phase 1)

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
structural engineering (concept design, predimensioning, lead detail development, consulting of Chinese planning partners)

Xi’an Qujiang Cultural Industry Investment Group, Xi’an/China

Jan Siefke, Shanghai/China

The Xi‘an Trade Fair consists of a total of seven halls. In the first phase, four of these halls were built. In ground plan the halls measure 144 x 72 m. On the longsides of the halls there are two massive walls made of reinforced concrete and stonework. The roof structure is situated at a height of 14.5 m, and rests on steel columns being carried by the walls. The barrel-shaped steel roofs have a free span of 66 m. The front sides of the halls are completely glazed.