Enzo Ferrari Museum

Future Systems, London/Great Britain

Planning time

Construction time
2009 – 2012

Services by Werner Sobek

Structural engineering of the cable facade and the roof steel construction;
Detailed design and 3D planning of the building envelope (cable facade + Aluminium case)

TELEYA, Calerno/Italy


A new exhibition building was built immediately next to the house in which Enzo Ferrari was born; the building is dedicated to exhibiting cars made by Ferrari and Maserati. A flowing cable facade that partially encompasses Ferrari’s stonework built birthplace is the distinguishing feature of the 78 m long and 45 m wide building. The 11 m high inclined cable facade is supported only by vertically pre-stressed coil cables made of stainless steel. The cables are attached to a 62 m long curved hollow steel profile that transfers the loads acting on the solid construction and on two Y–shaped steel supports.