Expo 2017 Astana

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Chicago/USA

Planning time:
2013 – 2015

Construction time:
2014 – 2016

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
Structural engineering
Facade engineering
Sustainability consultancy

sml sembol construction, Astana/Kazakhstan

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Chicago/USA

EXPO 2017 takes place in Kazakhstan‘s capital, Astana. Winner of the international architectural competition in 2012 was the Chicago-based consultancy of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill. Werner Sobek advised the winning team on aspects of structural engineering and sustainability. After the exhibition, all the buildings proposed by Smith + Gill can be changed, disassembled or converted, that is, a demolition of the buildings is not required. Overall, the general layout and buildings were designed using the principles of environmentally, economically and socially sustainable design.

The design for EXPO-2017 will embrace the Future Energy concept by becoming the first Third Industrial Revolution city, where energy consumed by the Expo community will be provided from renewable sources. Buildings will become generators of power and their energy will be stored using innovative technologies while being distributed by a smart grid. The Expo community will provide infrastructure to encourage and support the use of vehicles that use renewable fuels. At its heart, Expo City will feature the sustainable development’s centerpiece: the Kazakhstan Pavilion. Visitors will be enthralled by its “transformative skin” that will “reduce thermal loss and interior solar glare,” while a host of integrated systems, including photovolatics, will save and increase the building’s energy output.