ThyssenKrupp Test Tower

Werner Sobek with Helmut Jahn

Object planning:
Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany & JAHN Architects, Chicago/USA

Planning time:
2013 – 2014

Construction time:
2014 – 2017

Services rendered by Werner Sobek:
Design, object planning, structural and facade engineering

Krupp Hoesch Stahl GmbH on behalf of ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

Zooey Braun, Stuttgart/Germany
Armin Scharf, Tübingen/Germany
Detlef Berndt, Zimmern/Germany
Michael Cesarz

Rising to a height of 246 meters the ThyssenKrupp test tower (TKT) in Rottweil, Germany, is one of the tallest structures in Germany. The tower structure is being built to test and certify high-speed elevators. It will contribute considerably towards reducing the development time of future skyscrapers throughout the world, including those presently in the design phase. However, the test tower is more than just a functional building reserved for research and development. A visitors’ viewing platform offers 360° views of the region around Rottweil from a height of 232 meters. As a consequence, the test tower boasts the highest visitors’ platform anywhere in Germany.

TKT has been awarded the Balthasar Neumann Award 2018. The prize is awarded to a team for outstanding achievements in integral planning. The award highlights how different disciplines have cooperated in an exemplary and innovative manner and far exceeding established engineering standards, to construct a building, which, as a result of this cooperation, exhibits extraordinary qualities in terms of architecture and engineering – entirely in line with Balthasar Neumann’s intentions.