Werner Sobek Dubai

For more than ten years Werner Sobek Dubai has served as a reliable base for project work in the Middle East. The geographic closeness to various important markets certainly contributed to the success of the office in spite of the international financial crisis. Other important criteria are the use of native speakers and the clear commitment to Dubai as a location for business. Werner Sobek Dubai is part of the Werner Sobek group of companies. The latter stands throughout the world for engineering, design, and sustainability. The group has offices in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Moscow, New York and Stuttgart. The work of Werner Sobek is defined by premium design on the basis of high-class engineering combined with sophisticated green technologies. Founded in 1992, the group of companies now has more than 350 employees. They work on all types of buildings and materials. Special emphasis lies on lightweight structural design, transparent facade systems, and sustainable building concepts.The group was founded by Prof. Werner Sobek. As a successor to architect Frei Otto and structural engineer Jörg Schlaich, Werner Sobek heads the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK) at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2017 he is also chairman of the DFG Collaborative Research Centre SFB 1244 (Adaptive Building Skins and Structures).